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Monday, 16 January 2012 09:40

Funding Featured

Written by Jay Davis

Business Capital Funding Initiative (Power In Funding)


NOTE: Due to resource limitations applications will not be taken until further notice.


Power In Numbers Flagship Company Introduces the "Power In Funding" Initiative.

This initiative features the opportunity for five (5) SMB Enterprises to receive a "forgivable" $40k microloan at 0% interest; and thousands of other SMB Enterprises to be prepared to tap into over $1 billion in private investment capital, designated specifically for Small and Midsized businesses in Houston, TX.

Over $1 billion in private investment funds to be seeded into Houston, TX SMB Enterprises by private international investors. This business development (normally $200/hour) will be facilitated at no cost to the applicants.

Saturday, 17 December 2011 12:34

Going HyperLocal Featured

Written by Jay Davis

The term "hyperlocal" originated back in 1991 and referred specifically to local television news content. There were initially three components that determined content "hyperlocal". First, it refers to entities and events located within a well-defined, community scale area. Secondly, it is intended primarily for consumption by residents of that area. Thirdly, it is created by a resident of the location. There were some exceptions to the rule, of course. For example, a photo/image might have been taken of an entity at a local event, but the photographer might not be a local resident. The news content itself would still be considered hyperlocal.

Now the term does not only apply to news content. The newest usage of the term applies to a specialized set of marketing dynamics that targets residents within a well defined community scale area. The conveyors of the marketing/promotional message are product/service providers that are located within the same community scale area; and the intent is to solicit patronage for the "consumption" of their product/service offerings by the targeted residents. This approach is heavily dependent upon the inception of a super-concentrated sense of patriotism for your specific community, similar to what exists in high school sports.