Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Welcome to powerofhouston.org.

We are the Power In Numbers Flagship Company.  We are the developers, innovators and initiators of the Power In Numbers Economic Development Initiative (PINEDI) and the creators of "The Power of Houston" and its "Go Local" campaign.

The term, "The Power of Houston", is emblematic of three ideas:

1. That there exists in Houston, TX a unique environment and culture that distinguishes it from every other metropolitan area, which can be readily identified, cultivated and tapped into in order to facilitate growth and prosperity individually (microscopic) and collectively (macroscopic).

2. The concept that the locally owned/operated SMB/MWBE establishments in their respective communities represent the true measure of wealth in a community and effect the most significant social and economic change within those communities.

3. The 999 visionary SMB/MWBE representatives in Houston (Power 999) with a collective commitment to true collaborative growth, superior business standards and social entrepreneurship, that will spearhead the identification, cultivation and proliferation of "The Power of Houston" to foster the growth and prosperity of the metropolitan area (in general) and its locally owned SMB/MWBE establishments.  As a result of their efforts the "Power 999" will benefit from the guaranteed greatest visibility of any other SMB/MWBE entities in the Houston, TX metropolitan area.

Created as an integral part of the Power In Numbers Economic Development Initiative, "The Power of Houston" is a social entrepreneurship initiative that facilitates the Power In Numbers Flagship Company's "Go Local" campaign.  Click here for a list of some of our most significant benefits.

The "Go Local" campaign promotes the "Go Local" movement whose mission is, "to promote and encourage (through social entrepreneurship and education) the community to patronize locally owned SMB/MWBE businesses and franchises to foster economic growth and prosperity."